An Employment Scam in the Financial Services Industry
A Warning for Recent College Grads and Others New to the Financial Services Industry

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1. The author WILL NOT respond to the following:

  • Questions about whether a particular firm is running the scam mentioned in this site.
    When a court or regulatory agency determines that the company is running a scam, then it's a scam. I am not equipped to make such a determination and will not open myself up to legal liability with mere suspicions. This is why it's so important for those who have been defrauded to take action!
  • Requests for sources.
    Many are already sourced. All are public. Look them up. Quote them as you please.
  • Requests to mirror this site.
    I grant my permission in advance and appreciate it. Feel free to notify me of the mirror url.
  • SPAM.
    This will get you reported to your ISP and regulatory authorities. Don't even try it.
  • Complaints from pro-MLM writers.
    I am against MLMs that misrepresent their opportunities to their participants. I've done my best to make it clear where I stand and why. I guarantee I've heard your defense before. If you disagree, put up your own website AND DON'T BOTHER ME. If you still can't read and want to write to complain, you are agreeing that I may post your message in a future "Hall of Shame", no exceptions. (Bill & Janet Orr of Primerica Financial Services, please get reading lessons.)

2. The author WILL respond to the following:

  • News about lawsuits.
    If it's public record, I may post it to the site.
  • Requests for updates, corrections, suggestions.
    If something needs fixing, I'll fix it. Nobody's perfect.
  • General comments, questions.
    Feedback regarding the site is appreciated.
  • Offers of legal help for readers.
    I'll post your contact information for readers. Note that under no circumstances do I accept any sort of referral fees from attorneys.
  • "You're talking about my company! I'm going to sue!"
    Don't be paranoid. I'll negotiate removing specific information if you can prove how it hurts your specific business, but this site targets no specific company. Show me a judge's ruling saying the source is a liar and I'll be happy to note that on the site, but I am not keen on removing information just because you claim it's a lie; I can bet the other side is going to claim you're the liar and I will not enter that argument. And don't bother filing a frivolous lawsuit because you'll only end up paying my attorney and court costs in addition to your own. This constitutes my reply to any and all "cease and desist" letters. GUIDE YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

3. Now, IF YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THE ABOVE and STILL WANT TO EMAIL ME... click below. A Javascript-enabled browser (such as Internet Explorer) is required to email me.

I have read ALL of the above and still want to contact the author.

I don't identify myself by name on this site because my identity doesn't lend a shred of credibility to any of the information I am imparting and would only open the door to idiot scammers making ad-hominem attacks to distract from the content imparted; THIS SUBSITE IS ABOUT ITS CONTENT, NOT ME.
I'm no longer in any MLM nor the financial services industry and can't be accused of being a competitor out for financial gain. I'm not part of any "conspiracy" out to get any particular company; nobody has paid me a dime to put this site up. In short, I do not profit in any way from this site; it is a labor of love for those who might otherwise be victimized.